Answered By: Sara Marks
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Depending on the information you need, there are several resources that can provide statistical data on UMass students.


The Office of Data Analytics & Institutional Research has collected enrollment and demographic information from the past several years up to 2019 on their  Facts at a Glance page. You can also view the Common Data Set Common Data Set, which gathers standardized data that is used for survey requests involving student information. Yearly reports are available from 2003 through 2022.


For the most current information, we suggest directly contacting the Registrar’s Office and explaining your research project. You can reach the Registrar staff through the Solution Center by phone at 978-934-2000 or by email at

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  1. If you want the most current information about students, the registrar's office is the best source. If you want more detailed information (enrollment by race, gender, major, degrees, numbers by class level, etc. and information based on the previous academic year is recent enough, then try the Factbooks and "Facts at a Glance" put out by Institutional Research at
    by Rosanna Kowalewski on Apr 25, 2014